Secondary Mathematics Teaching for Mastery (NCP)

Many teachers nationally interested in understanding the principles and pedagogies underpinning Teaching for Mastery. For this to develop from individual enthusiasm to long term, sustainable, developments across a secondary mathematics department there is a need to engage such teachers in practice-based professional development activity, consideration of leadership and management issues and (together with the senior leader and/or head of department) the development of whole-school systems.

Also many primary schools are adopting teaching for mastery approaches and over the next few years, pupils will be entering year 7 with an expectation of some continuity and progression in classroom practice, lesson design, school expectations, etc. that they will experience. This work is important to prepare for this continuity and progression from year 6 to year 7.

A key aim of this work groups is to develop groups of mathematics departments where strong curriculum, teaching and professional development practices can be shared more widely across the Hub region.

We are currently training our first cohort of Teaching for Mastery Secondary Specialists (TfMSS): Andrew MacDonald & Ella Keddie.

These TfMSS are receiving national training and implementing Teaching for Mastery into their own schools' practice before working with other schools/academies, as part of Teacher Research Groups (TRG) next year.

We will be looking for schools and academies across the region to participate in TRG later in the year as well as beginning the application process for a second cohort of TfMSS for September.