Secondary Maths Teacher Knowledge Courses

This successful work group has been created, run and adapted for 2 years and rated highly by participants. Whilst cohorts have been under subscribed, the need is definite.

We do generally have subject specialist teachers in secondary schools and academies, unlike in the primary phases. However, the changing maths education landscape has meant that there can be gaps in teachers' content and pedagogical knowledge. We want to support colleagues in deepening understanding and building upon their skills; and then applying their findings to their own practice, hence improving the learning for students.

In addition to CPD course for secondary maths teachers, we have also created our course for GCSE resit teachers in Further Education (FE). This is due to the need to retake GCSE Maths at FE if less than a grade C has been achieved., leading to the fact that there are now thousands of extra students learning GCSE maths at Post-16. As there is a lack of specialists, this rise in student numbers has led to non-specialists teaching GCSE Mathematics.

We have therefore created two high quality CPD courses to improve the teaching of mathematics in the primary phase:

Secondary Maths Teacher Knowledge

Enhancing GCSE Mathematics Teaching - for Teachers in Further Education

The courses focus on developing teachers’ knowledge and skills so that they have:

  • A deeper understanding of the subject
  • The skills to identify key concepts and misconceptions associated with the topic
  • The ability to design, present and evaluate pupil centred lessons
  • Reflection and evaluation proficiency to successfully assess the impact of their teaching on pupils learning
  • The confidence and ability to think like mathematicians or scientists

The courses will help teachers:

  • Gain comprehensive understanding and depth of their chosen subject and the specialist pedagogy associated with the subject
  • Build their confidence teaching their chosen subject to post 16 students
  • Acquire the skills to become outstanding teachers
  • Experience action research in practice
  • Progress in their career
  • Find and create inspiring ideas and activities they can use in the classroom

Both CPD courses are free to participants, are led by Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and accredited PD Leads from across the hub region and will be packaged (as we have done with the primary courses) and available to roll out across the region and beyond, on a train the trainer basis.

If you would like any information with regards to participating in, or potentially leading a future cohort, please do contact us.