Primary Subject Knowledge & Mastery Pedagogy Courses

This successful work group has been run, adapted and improved over the last 2 years. It has excellent feedback from participants and we have waiting lists, for both courses, for this and next academic year.  In order to ensure that geography is not a barrier, we are also in the process of leading ‘train the trainer’ sessions and rolling out the courses across the region. There have also been requests from other maths hubs to learn from this work group, hence we will be 'scaling up' through sharing the programmes created nationally across the National Maths Hubs Programme network.

We have created two high quality CPD courses to improve the teaching of mathematics in the primary phase:

Mathematical Confidence and Mindset

Primary Mastery Pedagogy and Subject Knowledge

Both courses are free and we currently have eight oversubscribed cohorts, led by Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and accredited PD Leads, across the hub region.


Mathematical Confidence and Mindset Course

This short course aims to:

  • Inspire teachers to truly enjoy teaching Maths
  • Build upon recent research evidence on growth mindset and brain science and the impact these can have on pupil confidence
  • Develop deep content knowledge through practical teaching approaches 
  • Explore how children think mathematically and common misconceptions


Primary Mastery Pedagogy and Subject Knowledge Course

Aims of course:

  • To develop deep pedagogical subject knowledge in the teaching of primary maths
  • To develop participants’ understanding of teaching for mastery in mathematics
  • To develop teachers as researchers, through the carrying out of small scale action research in their classes
  • To provide a platform from which to develop the teaching of maths through the whole school


If you would like any information with regards to participating in, or potentially leading a future cohort, please do contact us.