Early Years Maths Research Group

Led by Elizabeth Carruthers

This work group is building on the evidence of the previous year's work group in furthering improvement in mathematics through research. From the previous group it was evident that teachers and early years’ practitioners were not always aware of open ways in working with children in mathematics. The research helps colleagues recognise the mathematics within their observations, open up dialogue and find ways to address problems.

The work group also introduces practitioners to recent literature in mathematics research and how it may help them in their thinking. Research may not be a quick fix solution to pedagogy or classroom issues however if given the time and space to follow an enquiry or an idea, it becomes a way of working that is sustainable, leads to further questions and can be a self-regulating way of working.

In the 2015-16 academic year, the work group introduced the role of the research mentor and how vital that role can be. We want, within the work group this year, to develop more deep thinking about the research mentor in order to support others in the role.

The findings of each participant's case study will be shared on the website.