Development in SEND Maths

Led by Robyn-Lee Gibb

The Boolean Maths Hub has reach across all age related phases of maths education in the region. However, the implications of many of the key Maths Hubs Programme work groups in previous years have had little impact on that of SEND teachers/students in the region, particularly in Special Schools. We have 18 special schools in our region and want to ensure that all students and maths education professionals have access to professional learning.

The outcomes of this work group are to:

  • Develop an effective professional network between Special Needs Maths Teachers across the hub region.
  • Be part of the developing national network of Special Needs Maths Teachers, including a potential conference in summer 2017.This will enable the sharing of good practice which will extend professional learning.
  • Develop an understanding of Teaching for Mastery with SEND pupils in all contexts.
  • Develop an understanding of developing reasoning and problem solving in the context of SEND.
  • Support the development of a PD Lead programme for SEND Maths teachers.
  • Develop good practice across schools related to approaches and policy.
  • Develop resources and materials where required.

One of the core beliefs of the Boolean Maths Hub is that collaboration between practitioners improves the standards to teaching and learning, through professional challenge and supported developmental change. Collaboration between special school colleagues and establishments will benefit both those schools as well as teachers and leaders in main stream who work with SEND students.

We welcome involvement from other special school colleagues. Please contact us to get involved and receive an invitation to the next meeting.

The Solent Maths Hub introduced a SEND Maths Conference in July 2016, and are taking a lead in developing SEND Mathematics across all Maths Hubs nationally including working closely with the Equals Magazine published by the MA. We support them in this and our WGL is in regular contact with other SEND teachers and leads from that initial conference in order to build this initiative on a wider scale.