Mathematical Thinking for GCSE


This Work Group offers teachers and their departments high quality nationally coordinated support to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE.

Many departments will be considering not only the long-term development of these skills across KS3 and into KS4, but also the immediate needs of current KS4 pupils facing the challenges of the new GCSE. This Work Group aims to support both these aspects through professional development activities focusing on practical and accessible classroom-based approaches.

Participation also offers opportunities for the engagement of the whole department and hence could provide the basis of an effective department improvement programme in this area. The PD activities themselves also offer a model for wider department improvement processes.

In particular for 2018/19, explore how the NCP model can:

  • Support schools understand how this workgroup fits alongside other hub provision (including the secondary TfM NCP workgroups) in order to promote more strategic, department improvement planning.
  • Make clearer the links between the pedagogical approaches and key messages of this work group and that of others such as TfM.
  • explore how to more widely engage participant’s departments effectively and support the establishment of improved departmental professional development processes.
  • More fully utilise the valuable participation and engagement of HEI partners to support the co-leadership of individual hub work groups (and support the wider hub HEI partnerships).
  • Continue to grow and develop the numbers of reasoning and problem solving WGLs and deepen their expertise (key to building local hub capacity in this and related areas).
  • Continue to refine activities and begin to share teachers work including the generation of resources that exemplify the teaching and learning approaches of the work group together with examples/case studies of emerging good department professional development practice.