We have a number of Work Groups to support the Primary Phase (please follow the links for further information and booking)

SKTM Work Groups for Teachers and Teaching Assistants:

  • Mathematical Confidence & Growth Mindset (for Teachers)
  • Mathematical Confidence & Growth Mindset (for Teaching Assistants)
  • Primary Teachers Subject Knowledge & Mastery Pedagogy

Year 5 to Year 8 Continuity Through Multiplicative Reasoning
(for KS3 secondary maths teachers and KS2 primary teachers)
Teachers from different phases will work together in this Work Group, to improve communication between Key Stages 2 and 3, with the overall aim of improving continuity of learning by pupils in the four years between Years 5 and 8.   Ideally secondary and their feeder primary schools will be working together, although applications from secondary and primary schools that are not linked are also welcome.

Primary Teaching for Mastery (2019/20) Teacher Research Groups 
This year we have 16 Primary Mastery Specialists who are leading Teacher Research Groups each containing on average 7 schools and we have 10 Specialists who are in the first year of the programme. (Teaching for Mastery)

Embedding (2019/20) Primary Teaching for Mastery
Please note that the Continuing TRG Work Groups are a continuation of previous years' cohorts

Mastery Readiness
Our 4 Mastery Readiness Leads will work with 28 schools to help them prepare for engaging in the Teaching for Mastery programme (2020/21)

Primary Teaching for Mastery Focused Issue Work Groups
Two Work Groups will focus on designing effective lesson plans and planning for mixed age classes.