Parental Engagement (secondary)

There are many misconceptions about whether people can or cannot do maths. This occurs in parents as much as other adults and is often more prevalent in areas with less higher education and greater social deprivation. This belief can be passed onto children and therefore grow and become ingrained in their learning. Parents can feel unable to help support their children in their learning and with a constant changing landscape and formal written methods, this can lead to parents not feeling able to engage fully in their child’s learning.

Parental engagement can make a great difference to the start of a child’s education and the growth of both their confidence and skills throughout. We want to work with schools and parents to not only boost their own and their children’s confidence in maths but also have a greater understanding of how they can support their child throughout the primary phases.

Furthermore, there is a greater collaboration in the primary phase, often with the support of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) etc. However this often drops off when a child transitions to secondary school and parents are left further removed from their child’s learning in Maths. As with the introduction of Teaching for Mastery, we need to ensure that this does not end when a student enters year 7 and as such this WG is vital in the secondary phase.