Participation in Mathematics at Post 16

This work group aims to locally support the priority outcomes of the national L3 coordination group:

  • raising participation in Level 3 mathematics post-16
  • supporting improvement in Level 3 mathematics teaching
  • increasing the numbers of schools and colleges able to offer a viable Level 3 mathematics curriculum, including Further Mathematics and Core Maths
  • raising girls’ participation in Level 3 mathematics
  • improving the preparation of students for the mathematical and statistical aspects of higher education or vocational training


This WG includes some of the following teacher activities around the take up of Post-16:

  • PD activities on the new A levels and Core Maths specifications (This will enable teachers to look at the pre-requisites to Post-16 and develop their own practice and that of their school to fully prepare students.)
  • PD on the applied mathematics in A level that they may not have seen before (Mechanics and Statistics and Decision for Further Mathematics,) such that practice be adapted and students well prepared.
  • Creation/hosting of student enrichment activities and resources to encourage participation at Post-16.


We are working with a group of schools/academies and their teachers analysing the success of activities targeting students to improve Post-16 participation. Although this work group is underway, if you would like to participate, please do contact us.