The Mastery Specialist Programme is now in its sixth year. The programme is aimed at developing the necessary skills and expertise for participants to be awarded the status of Primary Mastery Specialist. It is also expected that the Master Specialist's school becomes a leading exponent of teaching for mastery in this time.

The programme is central to addressing the Maths Hubs strategic priority of embedding the teaching for mastery approach in primary schools so that pupils develop the deep knowledge and understanding they need to be fully prepared for the secondary mathematics curriculum   

The core training is delivered through three residential events across an academic year. In subsequent years the Specialists is expected to work with 6/7 other schools per year to develop teaching for mastery.

The Boolean Maths Hub has five primary teachers in Cohort 7 of the Mastery Specialist Programme.

Should you require any further information please contact our Teaching for Mastery Administrator, Geraldine Pearce (