Leadership Development

We currently have two work groups aiming to develop leadership across the hub region.

Developing Primary Work Group Leads (WGL)

Developing Secondary Work Group Leads (WGL)


Whilst the Boolean Maths Hub supports a network of school-led support and action, it is important that those who have the potential to, or are already leading, work groups are given the chance to develop their own skills and understanding. Being a work group lead comes with many challenges and new opportunities. We encourage these individuals to attain accreditation for their work (such as NCETM PD Lead accreditation) and support them in their learning journey, whether that is signposting them to relevant leadership courses or through coaching and mentoring in a particular area of mathematics education.

We also work with other maths hubs in the National Maths Hubs Programme to identify potential Local Leaders of Mathematics Education (LLME) and become part of a network of like-minded colleagues.