Mastery Readiness



Take a step into the Primary Teaching for Mastery Programme 

Lots of schools are ready to start their mastery journey, and some would benefit from initial support before becoming part of the full programme. Our diagram shows a school's journey towards mastery. Use it to determine where your school's journey starts (click/tap diagram to show a larger version with more detail of the journey). 


Who can take part? 

The Mastery Readiness Programme is for primary schools that want to adoptteaching for mastery in maths, but would benefit from a staged approach. 

Schools that are successful in implementing sustained and meaningful change through teaching for mastery have key foundations already in place.  

These key foundations include: 

  • shared vision and culture around the importance of maths 

  • a belief that every child can achieve highly in maths 

  • a positive mindset towards maths amongst all staff 

  • good maths subject knowledge amongst teachers and TAs 

  • systems that maximise learning, such as timetabling, intervention, curriculum and pedagogical approaches 

  • teaching of arithmetical proficiency for all children, to support mathematical fluency by reducing cognitive load 

  • ongoing staff development, which is valued by all staff and senior leaders. 

What is involved? 

The Mastery Readiness Programme offers support and development in these areas. 


Mastery Readiness Leads 

These expert practitioners work as part of Maths Hubs leadership teams. They are experienced in school improvement work, as well as teaching for mastery. Working with the headteacher and maths lead, they construct a bespoke programme for each school’s needs. 

This will usually include: 

  • around six support visits to the school from the Mastery Readiness Lead 

  • regular development workshops (for the maths lead, one other teacher and sometimes also the head) with other local schools on the programme. 

Completing the Mastery Readiness Programme usually takes a year. After this, schools are prioritised for a place on the high-profile Teaching for Mastery Programme with their Maths Hub. As part of this programme, they benefit from two further years of support. 

What is the cost? 

There is no charge for participation in this programme. However, schools must ensure that staff are released to engage in the workshops and school visits, and that the headteacher attends events where appropriate.