Secondary and Post 16


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Which DfE funded support would be best for you or your school for Secondary & Post 16?     

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Boolean Secondary and Post 16 PD Opportunities 21-22 

Or, have a look at our Work Groups here: 

Mathematical Thinking for GCSE - starts 6 Dec

SKTM for Secondary Non-specialist Teachers - a few places remaining for start Dec 2021

SKTM for Secondary Early Career Teachers - starts 11 January 2022 - book now to secure your place 

A Level Pedagogy - starts 25 January 2022 - book now to secure your place

New to Teaching Core Maths

Year 5 - Year 8 Continuity 


Checkpoints Diagnostic Resources and Seminars for Year 7 teachers!

If you’re using the #NCETMCheckpoints with your Y7 classes, make sure you’re also signed up for the associated free online CPD seminars. The next ones are on 26 January and 3 February. Sign up now

Secondary Subject Knowledge Audit 

This Secondary Subject Knowledge Audit is for teachers in training, those new to the profession or the subject, or anyone simply wanting to find out more about the core concepts taught at KS3. Each audit document is based on one of the core concepts from the NCETM Secondary Mastery Professional Development Materials, with audit questions and tick boxes you can select to show how confident you are, and a space to type your own notes. The whole document can then be saved for your records.     Explore 

NCETM are greatly expanding the secondary resources available and November's Secondary Round-up reflects this:

  • Explainer video - watch our two-minute video tour of the DfE KS3 Guidance
  • Classroom slides for key ideas in our KS3 materials - downloadable PowerPoints now available
  • New Checkpoints - we explore Teaching perimeter and area in Year 7
  • Why join a Maths Hubs project this year? - we suggest eight good reasons and hear from those who have already got involved
  • MEI KS3 Geogebra resources - a new project providing great interactive resources with free online CPD.