Professional Development


Discover ways to develop your classroom practice and pedagogy

Continuing professional development or CPD are the ongoing activities that a teacher undertakes to improve their classroom practice and pedagogy. These activities are particularly effective when they involve collaboration, and teachers plan lessons based on knowledge and materials shared and developed by them, their peers, and experts.

Collaboration is also more likely to lead to improvement across a department or school. That’s why the Work Group model of professional development puts as much emphasis on a teacher’s routine practice in school as it does on out-of-school activity. And it’s why we encourage all teachers to join a Maths Hub Work Group so they and their school can embed change that lasts.

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for a place on our 2022/23 funded Work Groups.

In addition to participating in any of our Work Groups and programmes, we offer other specific funded professional development opportunities.

These PD programmes, see below, are led by NCETM and the National Maths Hubs Programme for teachers (and former teachers) who are looking to progress their mastery and/or leadership journey.

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